Continous improvement

The company’s enviornmental policy sets the strategy of implementing a continuous improvement in the management and control of production processes, which incorporate a licensing system subject to the prevention and integrated control of pollution, enviornmental audits, as well as and evaluation and effective accounting in enviornmental matters.


One of the most important initiatives carried out has been the isolated installation of photovoltaic panels in one of the plants, allowing it to be self-sufficient, energetically speaking, and, consequently, in addition to he economic saving that this implies, it decreases the global energy consumption, which positively favors the enviornment.


Grupal Art is registered in the Registry of Waste Managers of the Wase Agency of Catalonia to reinforce the fulfillment of its real and administrative enviornmental commitments.


A labor risk prevention policy adapted to the enviornmental policy ensures the health of the human team that works in this company.
We are working to implement the necessary initiatives to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are part of the 2030 Agenda.